We're all in this together. Together, we can make it work for all of us.

Our Commitment

To the 800,000 DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)-recipients nationwide:
ABIC leaders value you. We believe you deserve a future in the United States because you are genuine assets to this country. You are its bright future.

You are us – our employees, our students, our community, our future. You came out of the shadows in good faith, submitted to rigorous background checks, and demonstrated your commitment to bettering the future by earning college degrees, working hard, and investing in our shared economy by purchasing homes and cars.

To the Members of Congress:
It is time for you to stand up for decency. Stand up for humanity. Stand up for the American Dream.

Pass the DREAM or RAC bill now.


The American Business Immigration Coalition – ABIC - represents a growing and diverse set of businesses and business associations promoting common sense federal immigration reform to benefit the people and economy of our country.

We believe that we have a unique opportunity to unite across diverse sectors – high-skilled and low-skilled, large corporations and small businesses – in a successful push for sensible reform alongside elected officials and immigrant advocates.

Our goal is to provide a strong and effective voice for American businesses in the national immigration conversation and to urge our elected officials to vote for our economy and our communities by supporting sound, coherent immigration reform.


ABIC promotes sensible immigration reform that supports the economy of the United States, provides American companies with both the high-skilled and low-skilled talent they need, and allows the integration of immigrants into our economy as consumers, workers, entrepreneurs and citizens.


Rebecca Shi, Executive Director of ABIC


  • Provide consistent, reliable access to both the high-skilled and low-skilled talent we need to sustain our global competitiveness in industries including healthcare, high-tech, manufacturing, and hospitality and tourism.
  • Provide opportunities for immigrants and foreign students to enter the U.S. and our workforce legally, attracting and keeping the best, the brightest, and the hard working.
  • Promote stability within our immigrant workforce and our immigrant consumer base.
  • Provide a streamlined process to legal employment, ensuring we do not face the same challenges in the future.
  • Provide “a mechanism that responds to the needs of business in a market-driven way, while also fully protecting the wages and working conditions of U.S. and immigrant workers,” in accordance with the joint principles of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO regarding temporary workers.
  • Establish a path to citizenship or legal status for the "DREAMers" and undocumented adult workers currently living in the United States, to leverage their talent and to facilitate their complete integration as consumers, workers, and entrepreneurs.


ABIC is a national organization with active chapters across the country.
Please contact for more information on how you can take part in shaping immigration policy.